First Let's Explain …

… our service


The videos we render are built using your image, video, and audio files


Our global mesh of servers act as one to serve requests in real-time


We support the file formats you need — and store them anywhere on the web


The same technology that powers our cloud can serve your customers directly


Our service meters by the megapixel and automatically replenishes your account after reaching zero balance

What Is A Megapixel?

A megapixel is one million pixels. The video we render is made up of pixels, which we summarize as whole-numbered megapixels.


Width x Height x Frame Count


1080 HD for 2 minutes = 7,465 megapixels

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Amazing Video Every Time

… using our plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® motion graphics software

Nested Compositions

Layering complex animations onto video is easy when they can be pulled into their own compositions — you may define variables at any depth.

Masking, Matting, Blending…

Easily combine art using industry standard blending and cutting techniques to achieve any desired image or look.

Camera Transformations

We support 2D and 3D cameras using orthographic and projection views — you may mix and match 2D and 3D elements in the same template.

Keyframes & Expressions

The easiest way to define motion is to use the amazing After Effects® interface — our plug-in exports all of your keyframes one-for-one.

Frame Blending

We support both averaged and pixel-motion based frame blending to make sure your video looks as authentic and real as you intended.

Per-Pixel Effects

We support a limited but growing subset of all available graphical effects — new effects are added in response to your feedback.

Adobe® and Adobe® After Effects® software are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Metered Storage

Our global cloud of servers can be your content delivery network

What Is It?

An optional service offered by Very Large Bits that makes it easier to distribute your videos and build enterprise-grade applications:

  • Public links to your videos in our cloud
  • Provided directly to your customers
  • All metered storage can be rate-limited
  • Soft spend caps prevent unwanted charges
  • Complete developer API

How Much Does It Cost?

Each download will be metered against your account at a rate of 2% of the megapixels in each download.

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Privacy & Security

We offer the highest quality security options available — including single sign-on integration with your domain

How We Work

Complete Transparency

We provide audit-level access to the data and changes related to your account

Public Key Infrastructure

We make it easy to use high-quality security options — including RSA keys

Hardened Servers

We have engineered a secure and high-performance video network for your business

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Very Large Bits

About Our Company

Very Large Bits exists because we see the future of video software

This is what we've always done — and we love what we do

John Wells

John Wells

Co-founder, Lead Developer

John began writing media software in 1988 and launched his first successful web development company at age 16. Having demonstrated his mastery of video technology through his work at The Walt Disney Company, John is now sharing his innovative skills with the world.

Keli Wells

Keli Wells

Co-founder, Product Owner

Keli has led dynamic customization initiatives for Fortune 500s and startups alike since 1999. After attaining her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Keli focused her passion for analytics on leading technical products, data-driven projects and business operations.

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