Getting Started

Everything you need to know before you get started

What’s the fastest, easiest way to get started?

Sign up and download our plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® software.

Our plug-in exports video templates that may be rendered using our command line tool sets.

How do I install the After Effects® plug-in?

Our plug-in is available at the Adobe® Add Ons website.

An API Key is required and can be generated using our dashboard.

Must I use your After Effects® plug-in?

Absolutely not — you may also connect to our API and directly submit assets, templates, and render requests.

This option is great for rendering high volumes of uniquely customized videos.

What can I do through your API?

Submit and retrieve the results from your video rendering requests.

Creative developed using After Effects® can be referenced by API operations.

How do I make my dynamic video template?

Our plug-in and API support creating templates that allow you to vary content on a per-render basis. Any image or video may be used as a variable.

Using After Effects® — name layers with the prefix VAR- followed by any name.

Using the API — set the var attribute to any name.

Future rendering requests may specify a key-value dictionary holding variable names and assets or URL sources to use as replacements.

What can I do on your Dashboard?

Our dashboard allows you to fully view and manage your account with us, including megapixel balance and billing information.

Adobe® and Adobe® After Effects® software are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Megapixel Pricing

We meter your account based on usage

What’s a Megapixel?

One million pixels of rendered video.

We do not consider any source images or video used when calculating megapixels — only the final output file is used.

We always round up to the nearest integer megapixel.

How much will my video cost to render?

The megapixels metered against your account are calculated per-render using the forumla of Width x Height x Frame Count.

We offer a variety of megapixel plans that provide a balance between your costs and video needs.

When will you charge my account?

For your convenience, we will automatically replenish your megapixels whenever your balance reaches zero. The cost and quantity of megapixels replenished are set by the megapixel plan you have selected at that time.

How do I change my Megapixel plan?

You can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel automatic megapixel replenishment at any time using our dashboard. You can also view your remaining balance and recent usage to help you choose the best plan.

When do I need to provide billing information?

You must select a megapixel plan and provide your credit card billing details in order to access and use our rendering services.

How do I update my billing information?

You can easily update your billing name, address, and credit card details at any time through our dashboard. Please be sure to keep your information current to ensure continued, uninterrupted service.

How long do megapixels last?

All unused megapixels expire one year after their issue date. If you choose to close your account, any remaining megapixels will expire immediately at that time.

How do I close my account?

Please contact to close your account.

Technical Details

Don't Panic

What file formats do you accept as inputs?

Basically anything — see our API documentation.

What file formats do you support for outputs?
  • H.264/AVC (.mp4, .gif)
  • H.265/HEVC (.mp4)
  • JPEG Images (.jpeg)
What file retrieval options do I have?

We offer HTTP GET access or we can drop your files off using any of a number of push/delivery options.

See our API documentation.

What After Effects® features do you support?

We support the base-language used to position, transform, and blend objects.

We do not support some features and many effects due to their proprietary implementations. We urge you to use our plug-in to see if your project uses unsupported features and let us know what you think.

How do I connect to your API?

To connect to our API you should have some experience working with REST-based web services and JSON data structures.

You should generate an API Key and associate it to your Very Large Bits account — our SDKs guide you through these steps.

Tell me more about API Keys & Authentication

We offer configurable security options and try to make it easy for you to connect with our API. In keeping with web standards, we offer a basic authentication scheme using your email address and password that allows quick and easy access to our API.

Production applications should use our API Key authentication scheme instead, for the reasons detailed here.

Dashboard Access

View and manage your Very Large Bits account

Tell me more about Two-Factor Authentication

We use a third-party service to provide optional two-factor authentication to your account. Authentication can be provided using SMS (charges may apply) or device based applications.

When enabled, your two-factor authentication code will be required each time you sign in.

Tell me more about Single Sign-On

We offer single sign-on integration with your domain so that your co-workers can have access to your Very Large Bits account. Single sign-on is an advanced feature and you should be familiar with setting up SAML 2.0 to use it.

Tell me more about User Roles

When enabled, single sign-on users may be given the same access as you, view-only access, or limited access to just API Keys and other technical settings.

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